Workshop based service (cheaper)

Welcome to the latest Aspiring Newsletter; the occasional communication from Aspiring Computer Services.

Annual Service: Computer slow or behaving badly? Every car, your teeth and yes, your computer, benefits from a service. We check for viruses and protection, malware, we check your backups, ensure Windows / Apple and programs are safe and up to date, clean fans and look at the life of the hard drive, predicting potential failure. Regular servicing will save you money and frustration! And in May, we are doing workshop based Annual Services with a substantial discount. Just bring your computer to our workshop and you will save the transport/site fee (typically $75) and we\’ll give you another 20% discount on the labour. This is the best deal we have ever offered. Get in quick before we change our mind!*
(Read this page to see how to prepare your machine for drop off)

For the last few years, small businesses have been able to claim an immediate 100% depreciation on capital purchases of $20k or less. This will stop at the end of June 2018. Speak to your accountant to check details. This may be an excellent time to update your computers, and we can help!

Taking Meds? I have been testing various applications to run in the phone to remind me when to take what pills. Favourite so far is called Round Health.

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Lester Langford
[email protected] 0425227439

* 20% discount on Annual services is valid where: you deliver and pick up your machine to our base in Mount Colah. It is for the labour component only, You must mention this offer when you book it in. It is for services relating to Annual service only. Additional services and components requested will be billed at list price. Valid for jobs booked in May 2018 Payment made within 7 days