Windows 8, Wi-Fi dead spots, Training

Windows 8: I have helped quite a few customers get up to speed on this new operating system. I can do upgrades for you and training on a one-to-one basis, or in a classroom environment. Next course is Monday 27th May & 6.30pm, then 3rd June at 6:30 pm. Register at HKCC in Hornsby .

Computer Essentials training starts on 28th May at 09:30 and runs for 4 weeks. Learn all the basics of operating a PC at HKCC, Hornsby. More information and registration is here.

Dual Screens are proving very popular, do so much more simultaneously. Once you have two, you’ll never want to go back to a single one! I have a deal on large screens at the moment, brand name 24 inch screens for $225+, delivered and installed (extra fees could apply if outside of normal delivery area, or if an additional graphics card is required)

Need to get Wi-Fi to a ‘dead spot’ in your home, but there is no cabling present – we have a great new system using the power cable to relay the Internet. Works much better than traditional Wi-Fi radio relay systems. Let me know if you need your Wi-Fi extended.

Desktops for business use have proved popular recently. Nothing beats the reliability and repairability of a desktop. 3 year old recycled systems are available from only $300+ and new systems from $599+ . Generally all desktops supplied for now are Windows 7. (unless you specifically want Win8)

How are your backups? Disaster can strike at anytime. Can you afford to potentially lose your data? Do you know if your backups are working? Call me to setup an appropriate backup system and test your backups to ensure that they will work when needed.

Windows Key (to the left of the spacebar) is an awesome key if you have Windows Vista, 7 or 8. Hit this and start typing to find any e-mail, document, program or computer setting. Try it now!