The AI Revolution Is Upon Us – March 2023 Newsletter

By now, I’m sure that most readers will have heard about the recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (and in particular, ChatGPT). If you haven’t already, I encourage you to open a ChatGPT account and try it for yourself.

While having this technology is impressive (and it’s only getting better), finding practical and useful ways to integrate it into our personal and professional lives presents another challenge.

Microsoft invested in ChatGPT early on and are starting to incorporate it across their product range. The first example was Bing. Today, I asked Bing “How many Rubik’s cubes can fit in a Toyota Corolla?”

Within 20 seconds, it informed me that the answer is 1,986 – and even explained the math behind its answer.

Granted, it is an abstract question. I don’t foresee a scenario where I would need to do this in real life. What I can say with certainty, however, is that it would have taken me a lot longer to work this out manually.

So then, what’s next? Microsoft has already demonstrated some interesting ways that it plans to implement AI across it’s Office suite which will start rolling out later this year. This could be quite disruptive and yield major efficiency and productivity gains for many businesses. Plenty of other companies are working on other innovative applications of this technology too.

It will be very exciting to see where this technology takes us over the next few years.

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