Spring Cleaning / Recycling old computers

Spring Cleaning / Recycling old computers: The wonderful Spring weather has reminded me to mention my computer recycling service.  Have you put aside an old computer just in case you need it later?  If that was more than 3 months ago, ‘later’ will probably not ever arrive!   Or perhaps you are worried that if you just put it out on the street, anyone can pick it up and recover all your personal information, passwords etc.  What do you do?

I offer a secure recycling service.   This consists of picking up the equipment, removing the hard drives and destroying the contents ( I send you an e-mail when this is done for your peace of mind ) separating the various components (such as metal) and taking to appropriate recycling facilities.

This service is normally $25+ per computer, but for any existing customer who requests the service before end September, I will do it for free!    No purchase necessary  ! So, have a look in your cupboard and if you have computer junk, send me a mail to arrange recycling.  What are you waiting for?

Setting up handheld devices:  I have been doing a lot of set-up of handheld devices lately, especially Apple iPads, iPhones and iTouches.  They are very cool ‘out-of-box’, however they can do lots more with a little configuration.  Things like:

Remote access to home/office desktop, management of e-mail, Remote MYOB, Remote control of sound around the house.  I do all of this set-up.  Call to discuss your needs!

Windows Updates: That little yellow shield or cycling blue icon in the bottom right side of a Windows PC.  The single most important way of keeping out the nasties is to ensure that this is clicked on as soon as it appears (usually around the 2nd Wednesday of the month)    This small action puts the latest Microsoft security patches in for Windows and does a lot more to keep nasties out than Norton, CA, AVG, Symantec, McAfee, Trend or any other Anti-virus program. Really.  Look down the bottom right hand corner (you may need to hover over the little arrow to see everything,) and run the Windows Update now.  Any question or uncertainty, just call or a-mail me.