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Welcome to the April 2021 newsletter from Aspiring Computer Services, our occasional update on what’s going on and how we can help you with your computing.  In these strange times, I hope you are your family are doing well.

Refer a Friend – Your recommendation is important and so we are offering a $50 JB HiFi or Coles voucher for any successful* referrals.  Why don’t you forward this email to some friends who may need computer help or mention us in Community Facebook posts looking for Computer Help.

Data recovery – We have done many data recoveries recently.  Some have been complete, some not so complete.  I’m afraid that is how it works.  All hard drives fail at some point, so please be ready for this.  Any important data should be kept in at least two places.  This is often done with a ‘Backup Drive”.  It is not just a question of buying something called a Backup Drive and plugging it in!  You need to actually set it up, and importantly test it from time to time.  Give yourself the exercise of pretending that your computer is no longer available, can you actually find your files elsewhere?  If you have any questions on this process, please reach out to your local computer guy before a disaster.  We will walk you through the process to test your backups.  Do yourself a favor, and don’t become one of our data recovery clients!

Email – Are you still using a Bigpond or Optus email etc.?  These companies do not focus on delivering a reliable long term service.  Email is too important these days not to care about.  We recommend Gmail or Microsoft 365 Outlook email.  Please feel free to discuss how to get a reliable email service with us.

Setup of new computer – A new computer is not an out of the box setup.  When they are new, they are very out of date and need a lot of updating to ensure that they are secure.  We offer a popular product for the setup of a new computer; it covers security, copying files and programs, connection to printers, setting up email and backup processes etc, and as much training as you need to be productive.

Annual Service – The best thing you can do for a computer.  Over time hard drives wear, fans fill with dust and software generally clogs up and slows down.  An annual service ensures your computer is fresh and runs as well as it possibly could. We check your computer for viruses, fixing any problems as they come up. We also check all hardware including disk drives for wear.

NBN – The National Broadband Network is a revelation for many, offering speed and reliability far in excess of the previous system, however, there are often set up problems, and its performance can be subpar. This is fixable!   We work with you and your Internet Service Provider to fix up bad NBN connections and get it working as it should.

Microsoft Office – Not everyone wants or needs the full Microsoft Office product.  At around $350 it is simply not worth it for some people.  Talk to us during setup of a PC and we can install a free alternative.

Recycled Equipment – We have an abundance of recycled screens and laptops for sale.  Do the environment, and your wallet, a favor, and call us to discuss whether a freshly setup recycled bit of equipment will do the right job for you.

As always, we offer a “Help Desk” service to all our existing customers. If you get an error message on your screen, photograph it on your phone and send it to us for advice.  Any other question, please text or email for a prompt response.

*Successful referral is someone on the Upper North Shore that engages us to complete at least $300 worth of work and specifically mentions that you referred them.


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