Setting up Windows 7

Recently I have been very busy supplying and setting up Windows 7 Desktops, Windows 7 and Windows 8 laptops, and extending wireless networks throughout people\’s home.

The new term has started at Hornsby Ku Ring Gai Community College. I am running my usual collection of courses including: iPhone (Primer), Computer Essentials (The basics inc. Word, Photos, Internet etc), Home networking, (how to set-up and test your own), Laptop Maintenance (service your own computer and reduce costs ) Windows 8 (Learner and advanced). Don\’t miss out, the courses are filling fast !

Are you a Small Business Owner on the North Shore? A regular networking meeting is a great way to receive qualified referrals. The Killara based Building Business BNI is such a group and I can personally recommend this group. They are having a visitor day on Thursday 14th August @ 6:45 am to 9am at the Greengate Hotel so this is an easy opportunity to see how much this method can help build your business. More details here. Or call me to discuss.

A tip

You want to be more productive during the course of your work (or play). Windows has many features that help you quickly start programs — links (or shortcuts) on the desktop, a quick launch toolbar, etc. There is one way that isn\’t as well known. And it is probably the fastest way, especially if your hands are already on the keyboard.

This tip doesn\’t work in XP or earlier versions of Windows. It is new in Vista, Windows 7 and 8.

No matter where you are at the time — even if you\’re in the middle of something — hit the WINDOWS key. (Windows logo, along the bottom of the keyboard near the Space Bar) Type the first two or three letters of the program name (you only need to type enough to make the name unique) and hit ENTER. You can see the program\’s name that will be launched as you type.

For example to launch the Calculator or Microsoft Word, type the following:

<WINDOWS-KEY> calc <Enter>
<WINDOWS-KEY> w <Enter>

You don\’t have to type the entire name – you only need to type enough letters to make the name unique. Try it now!