Pesky Windows updates, good prices on Memory / screen upgrades

I have noticed that the current batch of Windows upgrades are locking up some PC’s and need to be manually re-run.  Remember, the most important protection you can get for a computer is the Security updates and patches for the Operating System  (PCs and Macs)  It’s easy for you to check the status and update, but if you don’t know how to do this,  please ask.  I can do this easily over the phone, not charge – no obligation.  Do yourself a favour and confirm that all the updates are installed correctly now.

I have been busy recently organising upgrades for clients, some examples:

  • RAM – memory has never been cheaper – e.g. Dell Dim 9xxxx memory is now $66 per GB. There is not a less expensive or easier way to reduce waiting for the computer.
  • 23” brand name big screens for PC’s, just $270+ (installed, configured and optimised).  (great for laptop users too)
  • Office 2010 (PC), Student Teacher 3 user $200+ (delivered)  (installation/optimisation service available if required.)
  • Medium priced brand name laptops – $750+ (delivered) (Set-up Service recommended for all new computers – see below)

Save your time and money, allow me to do your comparison shopping for you.

Also been busy expanding my Handyman services. To illustrate some jobs I have done a bit of a write up here: .  Give me a call to discus your requirements

Back-ups: Have done a couple of serious data recovery jobs on hard drives recently which is a useful reminder to ensure that you have back ups available at all times!   Whether you have  PC or a Mac (internally the drives are the same and ALL fail at some point)  –  suggest you set up your backup process.  If you’re not sure how to do this, give me a call.   A little back up now will save much much time, stress and money later.

Mac/PC set-up Service: Recommended for all new computers.  It ensures that the computer has all the necessary software installed and updated to keep the computer and user safe from Internet viruses, worms, hacking etc.  The service removes all the software trials that you don’t need and it generally optimses the computer for performance and safety.