Healthy computers & Memory (RAM) recommendations

Do you want your computer to go faster? Probably the easiest way is to simply increase the amount of memory, or RAM.    The memory requirement for computers has increased over the years as updates of software; Windows, Office, Anti-Virus and other applications have all gradually become larger.  Windows tries to ‘cope’ by using the hard drive when there is insufficient RAM however this means however that your hard drive is working unnecessarily hard and wearing out unnecessarily fast.

Current recommendations for Windows


  • Very Light use: 512mb
  • Average use: 1gb
  • Heavy use/fast response: 2gb or 4gb


  • Very light use 1gb
  • Average use: 2gb
  • Heavy use/fast response: 4gb

To check your memory, look at the desktop for the ‘My Computer” icon, right click and then left click on “Properties”.  (if this doesn’t work, call me and I will walk you through over the phone)

I have done a deal with my memory wholesaler and if I place a sufficiently large order on Tuesday morning 27th April, I will get a 10% discount that I will pass on to you.  ( I will honour any upgrades done between now and then too).  To help make this a ‘no-brainer’, I will fit the memory and vacuum the dust out of your computer (to prolong its life and reduce running costs/save electricity) for a flat fee of $55+ (normally $110+)

Send me an e-mail now with your current memory, make and model of your PC so I can give you an obligation free quote for the memory upgrade.

Apart from keeping your computer healthy, I can make a personal recommendation for my Naturopath:  Janet Marshall.  In Lane Cove she is here: or in the City at