Low cost Laptops, Desktops and Toners

Hi and welcome to the second newsletter of 2012.  It’s been a busy start to the year.  The main things I have been doing in the last month are; setting up new laptops and desktops, doing annual services, upgrading wireless routers and sorting out new tablets and especially iPhones. (Transferring contacts, setting up e-mail, backups etc)


Laptops:  I have discovered a really good value laptop.  At just $500 (inc.) it comes with i3 processer, 320gb drive, DVD, Windows 7 and a large screen.  I can supply to you (normal delivery area) for a fee of $50+.  As with any new computer, it does need a service on delivery (fixed price of one hour on this one – Windows updates, trial AV removed, free AV installed, ASUS updates, optimisation). It has Office 2010 pre-installed, so if you have a licence key it only takes 10 minutes to configure and update it.  This laptop is ideal for students, home users and for occasional carrying.  I am not sure how long this deal will last; similar machines are $700 – $1000.


Desktops:  I have been supplying a full range of desktops for my customers.  They start out at $600+gst for the basic (i3 processor, Win7, 500gb drive, 4gb RAM, DVD-rw) but can be created to meet your specifications. Beware of buying a cheaper PC using an old model processor; there are a lot around at the moment.  I find and recommend that a desktop is best used as a ‘base’ in every system.  Lots of storage is available relatively cheaply and importantly, much less vulnerable that laptops. (theft, mechanical failure)   E-mail me with your requirements and I will send you a quote.  It’s a good time to replace an aging desktop and will probably cost less than you imagined, especially if you can reuse your screen, keyboard, mouse and speakers.


Toners:  I am placing a bulk order for printer toners and printer ink this week so expect competitive pricing, email me with your printer model if you would like me to quote for additional toners/inks for you.


Learning:  have you received a new iPhone lately?  I am running training courses in Hornsby to help people out with getting going on a new iPhone [or an iPad for that matter]. The first course is next week.  Details and registration is here:   Also, I am running the successful Laptop Maintenance courses again this year, here: