Rebuilding or Renovating?

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Saving money.If you choose to ignore a flashing red light on your car dashboard, eventually something expensive will break in the engine.  If you want a reliable car, you get it serviced every 10,000 kms etc. Your computer is no different.  A little reminder that Windows computers must be serviced once a year or more often (depending on usage) to keep them working properly, quickly and safely.  When was your computer serviced last?  It is much cheaper to have it serviced before it breaks.

Rebuilding or Renovating?  Whilst wireless networks are great for mobility, nothing beats physical cabling when it comes to reliability and speed.  If you are building or renovating your home or office, please give us a call for an obligation-free quote to install suitable network cabling that will last years.  It is so much easier, cheaper and neater to do this when there is no gib-rock on the walls!  Building a new home?  Make sure you have the necessary trunking from the street running to the house installed during the building phase to allow you to install the newer networks coming on stream over the next few years.  Ask me about this; most builders and electricians do not allow for future requirements.

Water damage.  I have seen lots of water-damaged laptops lately.  If an accident happens, you need to act fast to resurrect your equipment.  If it is water, remove power and battery, and dry it out (gently with a hair dryer for example) asap then call me.  If it is any other liquid, remove power and battery, rinse it affected area with water, dry it out and call me.  Note, all Apple products have a built in moisture sensor, if this trips, the Apple tech will not touch it.  Call me, I have lots of experience with Apple water damage now.

Wireless.  I love this technology as a way of solving problems if cabling doesn’t exist.  Wireless is moving quite rapidly and is improving all the time.  If your wireless equipment was provided by a Telco (Optus/BigPond (who both tend to supply quite dated equipment) ) or is more than 3 years old, then definitely there are better solutions available now to improve coverage and performance.  Let me know if you have any ‘black spots’, we have the technology now to fix them up!

Audio/Video setup.  This part of my business has been growing.  Increasingly I am being asked to set up audio and TVs etc ‘properly’, i.e. to take advantage of all the technology built in, at the highest quality.  It’s a nice break for me from staring at computers all day too, so give me a call if you want some advice, or this equipment installed and set up.

Memory.  I am pleased to advise that RAM has further reduced in price. (It’s half what is was a year ago)  If you want to speed up your computer the easy way, ask me for a quote to upgrade the RAM.  The memory fitted to the computer when first purchased is always the minimum, not the optimum.

MYOB users – when you e-mail invoices do you get that annoying message that that says that Outlook is being accessed by another program.  I have successfully used “Express Click Yes” to remove it from my computer.  The download link is here:


Scams.  I am sick of them.  People calling out of the blue and suggesting that your computer has a problem.  Trust me, they have no way of knowing.  Don’t be caught, read these articles.

nterested in learning more about maintaining your own computer?  I am running some courses in Hornsby, have a look here for details:

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