Speeding up PC\’s

Hi and Welcome to the Occasionally Aspiring Computer Services Newsletter.  A bit of a recap on what I have been up to since the last time I wrote.

I was thinking about what I look for in a computer setup. It’s not so much which ‘Operating System’, or what is the hardware.   For me, the first thing is that it does what I want it to do – I mean; surf the web, send e-mails, write letters, maintain my accounts etc.  The functionality.   The other thing I want is speed and reliability (OK, that’s two things but you know that I mean…)   In terms of reliability, one can do so much, for example I checked my hard drive recently and noticed that it was starting to fail internally, so I have replaced it before as a user I noticed any problems.  That almost certainly saved me having to find my backups and rebuilding my machine. (Half a days work, assuming all my back ups are up to date and I can locate all the program disks)  But the really big thing for me is speed.  I care much less about pretty, I just want to the machine to work as fast as possible.  When I click a button, I want it to react, now!  I hate wait.

Just like your car, regular servicing of a computer checks a large number of potential computer issues and often fixes them before they become obvious.  A service also ensures the computer runs as fast as it can.  It cleans out clutter (which brand new computers are especially full of) and optimizes all the software to give its best potential.  Every computer benefits from regular maintenance every 3-12 months (depending on harshness of use)

I love doing services because they always make the computer faster and friendlier to use.  In fact, I guarantee I can make any new computer or any computer that hasn’t been serviced for at least 3 months a minimum of 20% faster, or your money back!

Talking about speed, I couldn’t help but subscribe to the new Optus ‘Supersonic’ broadband, the fastest consumer broadband product available in Australia today.  Typical broadband peak speeds (ADSL2+) are between 5 and 20 MegaBitsPerSecond.   The new Optus product is between 50 and 100 MegaBitsPerSecond.  You can read my whole write-up here.

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