Training, Cabling and more!

If you hurry, it’s not too late to register for iLearn iPhone, the 2 ½ hour session to help new users of iPhone with all the basics to getting better value and usage of this phone. Learn what it can do for you. Click here: iPhone

Other training coming up this week is also Laptop Maintenance starting on 7th March – Save money and have fun maintaining your own Windows laptop. For those who have just purchased a new PC and want to learn how to make Windows 8 work for you, there is a session on March 11th, click here: Windows 8. If you want to learn how to setup a home network, wireless routers etc, then their is a new course starting on April 4th here: home networking

Printing from mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads has finally come of age. Most recent printers now have an application available that allows printing direct to a network connected printer. Let me know if you need a hand setting this up.

I bet you hate wires, I do too! But, technically they perform much better then wireless so often are a necessity. My pleasure is to hide wires as carefully as possible. I’ve been busy putting in a lot of cabling lately, relocating BigPond modems and adding additional Wireless Access Points. I am a qualified ACMA “Master Cabler” for Network cables and licensed to install BigPond, Telstra, Foxtel and OptusNet cable. Doing a renovation or house build – get your friendly Cabling guy in the put wires in the framing (i.e. before the gib rock goes on) as you will save heaps of money, have all your wires hidden and be future proofed against the inevitable requirements later.

Thinking about a new e-mail account? It is time to seriously consider retiring your BigPond or Optusnet e-mail address and getting an e-mail that is not tied to an Internet Service Provider. My favourite at the moment is Gmail (Google) as it is easy to set-up, it sync’s your e-mail across multiple devices and does the best job of cutting out spam.

Tip: When you want to print something from a PC, just hold down the Control Key (CTRL) and then tap the P. On an Apple it is the Apple key and P.