Study Fit-outs, Analogue TV\’s.


Apart from the usual Computer Annual services, computer upgrades, setting up networks etc, I have been working on some other interesting projects:

Study Furniture – I have busy doing Study fit-outs.  Take a look at the  “Before” and “After” shots below.  I use ‘off-the-shelf’ parts from IKEA and then modify them as necessary to create a totally custom fit.  Here is a double storage cupboard with shelves, three filing drawers and two long bench-tops all fitted on custom plinths to align and raise the bench height. I am able to do this for a fraction of the cost a cabinet maker and of course I pay a lot of attention to ensure all the cables are hidden, but accessible if necessary for servicing.

Analogue TV switch off – is getting close. Rather than chuck out your old TV; a Set Top Box can be fitted to it so it will pick up all the old and all the new stations too.  I will do this for a fixed fee of $100+, including the Box, connecting and tuning it.  Usually your existing antenna and cabling are fine, but if this needs replacing (which I can usually do), it would be an extra cost.

Restoring corrupted hard drives; I now have more tools and have been successful in recovering an otherwise ‘dead’ PC and a Mac hard drive.    Satisfyingly, I have been able to do it for much less than the specialist companies charge.  Still, it is cheaper and more comforting to have up to date back-ups.  Are your back-ups up to date and readable?

PCs – Need a good solid PC system unit/processor – I have available a small quantity of black IBM/Lenovo desktops.  They are the small form factor ones that can easily sit under a monitor and come complete with matching keyboard and mouse.  They are about 12 months old, but very ‘low mileage’ and have been rebuilt with a fresh copy of Windows XP-pro on them.  For a limited time, I can offer them for $450+, delivered   New these are over $1000.   Installation and set-up extra.  12 months warranty.

I have made some new business cards, let me know if you could distribute some to your friends or relatives in the North Shore.  I am very keen to create a successful business, but need more customers right now!  Can you help please?

Ps  Have you been to the Tablespoon Café in Tryon Road Lindfield lately?  It’s as popular as ever and they have a great new menu…


Lester Langford

Aspiring Services