Backup Disks, Antivirus recommendations

Hi.  This is a quick wrap of what I have been doing lately that you may be interested in.

Backup disks. What will happen when your computer crashes? The average life of a computer hard drive is approximately 4.5 years.  Do you have up to date backups to restore all your data, e-mail contacts, music etc?  If not, I suggest you do something about it now!  Let me know if you need a hand.

Sick of Squinting: I have installed a number of 23-24 inch monitors and then adjusted everything (icons, fonts etc) to large size.  This makes the computer much easier to read.  $350 inc, fixed price on-site installation and set-up, rubbish removal and old monitor recycling if you wish, all included.

Two Heads: Having two monitors attached to a PC (or laptop) can boost your productivity.  You can have your email up on one monitor, and your Word documents on the other for example, or edit a large photo on one while having all the ‘thumb nails’ on the other.  I have some good deals for monitors at present.  (note – some computers require an additional video card as well as the monitor, this about $100)

Upgraded wireless: If your wireless router is more than 12 months old, it is probably not the latest technology.  There has been a major improvement called ‘Wireless-N”, which genuinely improves coverage and speed.  It’s a worthwhile upgrade if your coverage is currently ‘marginal’.

Sick of slow: Memory Upgrades have never been cheaper, and they are rumoured to go up again shortly. Call or email me for a quote now.

Cheap Notebooks: A number of customers have recently purchased and are happily using sub $400 laptops (actually Netbooks) for non-demanding tasks like email and surfing. Let me know if you would like guidance on a PC purchase or setting up a new computer with Anti-Virus etc.

Anti-Virus: reminder that every year, there seems to be a different ‘winner’, which antivirus is best, fastest and cheapest.  The best right now is free!  Ideal time for an Annual service is when your Anti Virus expires.  I will install the current best Anti-virus solution on then so you are properly protected.