Krack WiFi Security

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Question:  Have you serviced your computer recently?   Every PC and most Mac’s will not only be noticeably faster to use, but a service also ensures that the hard drive isn’t about to crash (resulting in loss of data) or that there isn’t some virus lurking and about the cause nasty damage.
New printer?  The way that printers are connected to your computers have changed over the years, if you buy a new printer, it may be worth having it professionally installed to take advantage of the latest technology.
Desktops, Laptops and Screens.  We have a surplus of recycled equipment at present.  Contact us for some great deals on quality second hand (but refreshed) equipment.
Krack is a new method of breaking into Wireless Networks (WiFi)   If you are concerned about WiFi safety, please talk to us about an Audit.
Sick of hanging around?  Almost all desktops and most laptops today use Solid State Drive technology to speed up the computer.  We routinely fit these drives as upgrades to existing machines.  Most users are amazed by the difference.
Small Business Owner on the North Shore?  Talk to me about ‘Building Better Business Group”, a weekly networking session that will help you grow your business.  More details :

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