Keeping MYOB healthy

If you have a desktop computer or server and the power fails, even for ½ second, and you have an open file (i.e. spreadsheet or document), it could become lost or corrupted.  This means you may have to restore one of your backup files, if you have backups.  If this happens when you have MYOB open, there is a considerably larger risk of the file becoming corrupted, as a couple of my clients have found out recently.  To reduce this chance, we install a device called a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply).  These have batteries built in and will keep your computer working during a short power outage or glitch.   Normal retail for a UPS is between just under $200 to many thousands, depending how long you want the desktop or server running for during a power glitch.

I have done a deal on a small UPS (200 Watts – enough for a single computer to ride out a glitch for between 2-10 minutes).  I can provide and install for a fixed fee of $175 + GST per UPS if you order before 11am 11th August.  After this it will be $220+ GST (provided and installed)

These are useful for any business computer, but very important for one running MYOB.