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Aspiring Newsletter
April 2017

Hi and welcome to another one of my infrequent newsletters.  You have probably used Aspiring Computer Services, or know someone who does.  If you wish to not receive this newsletter, please unsubscribe below.

In the newsletter we cover some recent project, tips and advice and any special offers we are aware of.

Our big news is that we are no longer in Kissing Point Road Turramurra but have moved 11 minutes further North, just beyond Hornsby.  You can still drop off and pick up from our home / Workshop.  So really our services haven’t changed.

Access to Australian Tax Office, (AUSkey).  Nothing in the computer world remains constant!   Firefox on Apple is being dropped, Microsoft Edge (new browser replacing Microsoft Explorer) is NOT supported.  Explorer is still supported (with Java) but we do NOT recommend Internet Explorer as is it too insecure,  Chrome has been added on PC and Mac (now our recommended browser for ATO and everything else) More information is on our Facebook page. (Search Aspiring Computer Services in Facebook and ‘Like” it.

We are seeing more and more of our clients fall for scams – usually from unsolicited phone calls from “Microsoft’ or “Telstra”.  These companies would never call you from out of the blue.  If you get such a call, you can safely hang up.   If you really feel it may be genuine, hang up and make your own call to the helpdesk of the company (133933 in the case of Telstra)    But if it does happen that you have let someone into your computer, I strongly suggest you book an Annual Service so we can check it out completely for you.

After many years an Optus Broadband user, I have switched  to Telstra at my new place, so can provide more specific advice on a broader range of Internet Service Providers.  I note that finally some of my clients are starting get NBN now, so I’m looking to gaining firsthand knowledge of what works in the NBN environment.

If you are looking for a quality, but cheaper laptop, we have a number of reconditioned units in stock.  These are fully updated, have legal Windows (and possibly Office) and new or near new hard drives / solid State Drives)  A considerable saving over buying a new laptop and setting it up.

Finally a reminder; pretty well all of the paid for Antivirus solutions, which in the past were great, are less than good at the moment.  The best security you can do for your computer is to have it professionally serviced each year, where we will update all the software, install the most appropriate Anti-Virus, check for viruses and check for end of life signs of your hard disks and fans.  A very good investment and giving you piece of mind.

Please feel free to contact us to book in a service or for any computing question.  Text or email is always the best way to get in contact.

Lester Langford