XP, new Win7 Desktops, Data Recovery

Hi and welcome to another Aspiring Newsletter where I will update you on what I have been working on lately.

I am finding that good solid Desktops running Windows 7 are proving the most popular computer I am selling for many clients. I am generally configuring them with (at least) 2 internal disks so backups are a breeze. I am finding that generally business clients aren’t able to use Windows 8 yet due to limitations on support for specialised business packages like MYOB. And Windows 7 just works well.

Increasingly, I find that I am doing Hard Drive Data recovery, i.e. computer has crashed and the data (photos, music etc) is ‘lost’ . I attended training recently to improve my skills and success fate for recovering. It is always easier to get data back from backups, but failing this, data recovery is a good stop gap.

One of my customers recently had an iPhone stolen, luckily they had set up “Find my Phone” and was able to trace the phone to the apartment where it was now residing. A real saving of time and effort – losing your phone these days is a real problem. I broke my iPhone and went to Apple yesterday to have it replaced. Co-incidentally there was a iCloud based backup only a few hours old, so I was out again in ½ hour all my photos, email, contacts etc perfectly restored. If you own an iPhone and not sure that you have configured backups and Find My Phone properly, just ask me, I sort it out for you.

Training Courses.   My next course coming up is Tech Savvy Seniors – connecting to the World. It starts on July 17th Followed by Laptop Maintenance. on 18th July.

Moving and want to retain your existing landline phone number – we can help you do it. Contact me for more information.

Upgrading existing customers from one screen to dual screens at the rate of about one a week at the moment. Once you have tried two screens, you’ll never go back to working on a single screen!

If you want to setup Drop Box to safely backup all your documents etc in the Cloud, use this link: http://db.tt/LI2pQ2GA

Most PC users will agree that Windows XP did a good, simple job as an operating system. Fast, stable (ish) and just worked. Unfortunately it is now 12 years old, an eternity in computer terms and Microsoft are being specific about ending its life now. If you are still using XP, then read this: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/endofsupport.aspx