Win8, Annual Services, Internet Browser

Welcome to another Aspiring Newsletter   This month we talk about Windows 8, start up and annual services. (complete with a great offer towards the end of the newsletter…)

Well, Spring feels that it is under way, so no better time to remind you to check when you last Annual service was.  (call me if you are not sure)   Overtime, all PC\’s accumulate junk that make the machine unnecessarily slow and can lead to crashes and potential data loss.  On a well serviced machine it only takes around 30-40 minutes to clean it up.  When was yours done last?  A small investment in time and money to ensure that your machine is working for you.
When should the first Annual Service be done?  When a machine is brand new!   Yes, a new machine has a pile of unnecessary software pre-installed – it probably has more than one antivirus software and miscellaneous \’trial to buy\’ software you do not need.   Let me clean it up, set it up and make that new machine work for you from day one.  If I do it on-site, I also cover some Windows 8 hints and tips too.
Which Browser do you use to surf the Internet?   My favorite is Google Chrome because; it is fastest, easiest to use and the safest way to access the Internet.  If you haven\’t ready starting using it, try here:  

Training:  If you have an iPhone, but think there is more to know about it, have a look at my iPhone training here:
Just got a new Windows 8 laptop and confused by the new Start menu?  Windows 8 Primer here:
Computer Essentials and

and finally…

For the first five clients that book an annual computer service, I am offering a gift voucher for a complimentary Bowen Therapy session ($90 value) with Joshua Rasco from Wholebeing Bowen Therapy, Pymble.  Bowen Therapy is a gentle, yet powerful hands-on therapy that is highly effective for back and neck pain, sciatica, headaches and most ailments.  For more info visit: