Windows updates, Apple audio systems

We are back on deck after a great Christmas and New Year break – we hope you had a good time too!

With the start of the year, you may be considering buying a new computer or laptop. Please remember that all new PC’s greatly benefit from a ‘start-up’ service when they are brand new.  During this time, we cover start up speed (restore from sleep should be almost instantaneous), Windows updates and security (VERY IMPORTANT), backup of system repair disk (new laptops need these made asap), removal of irrelevant programs and of course data transfer and setup of software.    If you don’t set them up correctly in the first place, your computer will run unnecessarily slowly.  Please get any new computers serviced on day one and then once a year after that to maximise your investment.

This summer, audio systems have been very popular, particularly ones related to Apple products.  Imagine sitting on the deck, or anywhere in the house, controlling your audio systems with your iPhone or iPad – this is exactly what I have been setting up for many customers recently.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you wish to sort out your computers or, if you want to arrange to come around to my place, I can show you exactly how the audio systems work.