Service, Speed up, Recycle

Annual Service

Computer running slow? Suspect a virus? Are your backups good? If your annual service is due, I suggest you book it now before the Christmas slowdown.

We will be away for some of December.  Not out of touch though and definitely working most days.  As usual, the best way to contact us is via Text message (or email).  Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any issues.   What I can’t fix remotely can be fixed by my backup person in Sydney.    I’ll be back full time in Sydney in early January.


If you have an error message, please take a photo of it with your phone and send it to me, pictures are much clearer for me to understand than verbal messages.  And Text messages always get through to me more efficiently than phone calls.

Where to repair?

Some jobs have to be done on site (setup of modem/router/wifi etc, some jobs have to be done in the workshop (major PC upgrades, hard disk swaps/failures etc)  Some can be done in either (Annual services etc)  If you want to save money, please bring your computer to me for its annual service.   (see REPAIR  for preparations for repairs)

Scam emails

Lots of customers have contacted me recently after receiving scam emails.  These are very good, and can include one of your passwords to show legitimately.  They are however a scam.  If you receive a suspect email, take a photo of it and text it to me, I have a lot experience in sorting these things out!.


We are very keen recyclers.  It is too easy chuck something out that is not working correctly and replace with new.  If you have any computer equipment you want to chuck out, send me a text.  If you are in my normal pick up area,  I will pick up non-commercial quantities of gear for free and ensure it is optimally recycled.  If is it a computer, we guarantee all the data is erased and something responsible happens to the machine.  If it is otherwise good, we’ll repair it, replace the hard drive if it is tired, and replace the battery if it is completely flat, install a fresh licenced copy of Windows 7 or 10, fully service it and sell for a fraction of the cost of a new machine.  These machines we warrant as well giving you piece of mind.  Do the right thing!  Get you old stuff recycled, and buy a quality reconditioned second hand machine if it will meet your needs.

If I don’t see you before Christmas, have a wonderful time.


Lester, The Computer Guy. 0425 227439