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Hi and welcome to the occasional Aspiring Newsletter, where I update you on the goings–on in the last month or so.

New machines:   I have purchased quite a few laptops and desktops for clients this month.  When I get an order, I look around my four or five favourite suppliers and get the best possible deal I can – both in terms of quality of product and value for money.  With my regular purchasing, I get very good pricing and pass this onto my customers.  Recent examples were:  Brand name i5 (very powerful) laptop, 4 GB, Windows professional, large screen: $800+GST.    Desktop i3 (very good for Windows 7) large disk and memory $680+. 24” non-branded screen $200+, Branded 24” screen $250.  Copying across existing data and setup extra at hourly rate.   If you are thinking about a new machine, let me know what sort of capability you are looking for so I can quote – I think you will find my price very good and a lot less stressful than just being directed by a salesman to whatever he has in stock.

New computer setup:  Remember, if you buy a computer yourself, it always needs quite a bit of setup before it can be safely used.  Often the software inside a ‘new’ machine is up to 12 months old, so get all new machines setup properly in the first place, it is well worth it.

Refurbished bargains:  I have 3 identical refurbished Delldesktops.  They have a freshly installed licensed copy of Windows XP and are therefore ideal if you use the computer for a small business, i.e. E-Mail, Internet and MYOB only.   $250+ each delivered.  Some 17” LCDs are available for $65+.

Floppy Disks:  Are now almost completely redundant, few computers support them these days and disks just left in a drawer seem to go off over time.  If you have any floppies with valuable data on them, let me know and I will copy onto memory stick or CD for you.  Call for a quote.

On-line backups are all the rage. If your computer was lost, destroyed or stolen, then a back up of valuable data in ‘the cloud’ would save your day!   You can set-up yourself or ask me to set up a back strategy for you.  Do it now, not later!  I currently use DropBox, but am also looking forward to using Apple’s iCloud service as soon as it is stable and working well.

New phone?   My favourite site for comparison of which company offers the best deal is here:

Bear in mind – check coverage of a vendor network (preferably with a phone!) , i.e Optus, Telstra etc at the place you spend the most time (home?) before committing to a particular network, nothing is more frustrating that a mobile phone that doesn’t work where you use expect it the most.

Router update:  When was the last time your Router was serviced?    Our use and dependence on Internet connectivity seems to grow by the day.   The Internet network components like Routers and modems benefit from servicing once a year or so and replacing every 5.

AM radio.  If you listen to AM radio, like 702 or 2GB on a large stereo, consider getting a DAB+ receiver.  It provides excellent clarity like an FM station, to an otherwise very crackly system.  In the last month I have installed three of these receivers for (delighted) customers. The improvement in quality is outstanding.

Office Software:  Lots has happened to the Microsoft Office market in the last month or two.  If you are considering buying Microsoft Office, give me a yell first!   I may be able to give you some advice that could save hundreds of dollars.  ($800 for a single customer recently)

Mac vs. PC:  A few customers recently asked me if I can help install a Mac and convert over the data, e-mail etc.  Of course I can!  I use PC’s and Mac’s every day.


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