Annual Service, repair laptops, buy desktops, lower costs memory upgrades.

Annual Service reminder; When was the last time you had your PC serviced?  All PC’s benefit from a service at least once a year.  It makes them faster, checks for viruses and reduces the chance of a crash or data loss in the future.  A regular service including a new Anti Virus program can cost about the same as a licence copy of Norton

Laptops:  Lately, I have been doing a lot of work on laptops; replacing screens (I have found a new supplier and the total cost is around half what it was), replacing keyboards, repairing hard drives (laptop hard drives are smaller and do not last as long as desktop ones), upgrading hard drives to bigger ones (I have another new machine so can do them even faster and at less cost than before), doing data recovery (again, new supplier and have reduced the cost by about 50%) and upgrading RAM memory – the quickest and easiest way to get more speed out of your laptop.

Apple: I also have some new tools to restore the music from an iPod/iPhone back onto your computer, imperative if you don’t have a back up of your music library and your hard drive crashes irrecoverably.  ( but you do have a back up of all your data files, right!). I also have a couple of Mac’s now and iPhones, iPods, Apple TV etc, so if you have any questions on the Apple products, just shoot me a mail

Memory:  With the strong Australian dollar and decreasing manufacturing costs, Memory Upgrades have never been cheaper.  Send me the make and model of your PC, Mac etc and I will email back a quote.  RAM is so cheap now, I always put the maximum in my own machines to get the best possible speed.

Looking for a replacement desktop?  I have specials on two now:

1)         Recycled Corporate PCs.   Prefect for small business use, i.e. just for MYOB, E-Mail, light Excel / Word and web surfing. The specification is: Dell Optiplex 755   Intel Core2duo, 2 GB RAM 160GB HDD, DVDROM, XP PRO, KB/Mouse

They are approximately 18 months old, so still very ‘fresh’. They were originally shipped with Vista, but a new copy of Dell licensed XP-Pro has been cleanly installed on them.

I can offer them delivered in the North Shore for $450 each (less for quantity)

2)         New Windows 7 desktop PCs.  Ideal for light to medium home use.

‘Aspiring’ Brand, mid-size desktop case

Intel i3, 4GB ram, 500gb hard drive, DVD burner, kb/mouse, inbuilt graphics, Win 7 Home Prem.

I can offer them delivered to North Shore for $750.  A range of other specifications can be built to meet your needs.  E-mail or call for a quote.

3)         I have some mixed recycled LCD screens in stock (around 5) available for $65 delivered. New screens available from $150, ask if you need a quote.

  • All prices quoted subject to GST.
  • Prices delivery only.  Removal of boxes and recycling of boxes and old computers available free of charge.(1:1)  If technical setup required, then this is available at normal rates.
  • 90 day hardware warranty (on-site) for recycled equipment.
  • 1 year hardware warranty (on-site) for new equipment.