Internet Speed, sore neck?

Hi and Welcome to the occasional Aspiring Newsletter

Computer slow:  It’s still spring, a great time to have an annual service on your computers.  After the service you will know whether your hard drive is likely to fail soon, whether there are any viruses lurking and for sure, the computer will run faster and with less errors.  This should be done annually for best safety.  When was your last one done?

Solid State Disk Drives:   If you are looking for more speed and reliability, assuming your machine is well serviced, then the next thing we can do to replace the mechanical hard drive with an SSD (Solid State Drive)   This will transform a typical 25 second boot time to under 10 seconds and general make the computer run better.  They fit in all desktops and most laptops.  Call us for a quote.

Windows XP:  Well, as predicted,  machines running Windows XP have not just suddenly stopped working, but increasingly modern software is not compatible with it.  The most recent example is Java.  One needs the latest version to ensure risk minimisation against viruses, however, it doesn’t work on XP.  If you still have an XP computer, you now need to be seriously looking at replacing it.  We can help by supplying a Windows 7 computer and transferring across your data.  Not sure what operating system you have?  Call us and we will help you out over the phone.

Storm Advice:   Most equipment failures take place while the power is being restored after a power cut.  So, if you are experiencing a storm and the power goes out, run around and unplug any electronic equipment.  Once the power has come back on properly, plug everything back in and power it up. 

Internet Speed:  As we rely on the Internet more and more, speed becomes an issue.  A service we do for many clients is to review what speed they are getting now, and we look at the ways of getting more performance.  Contact us if you would like this service to get optimal Internet speed.

Build your Small Business:  You may have read in a previous newsletter, I belong to a weekly networking group based in Killara where we help develop each other’s business.   We are having an open day this Thursday 20th November.  You can read more and register here  if you would like to see how this group can grow your small business.

Using a computer: sore back, neck or eyes?  Read what you can do to help yourself here.

Develop your Computer Skills:  Have a look at what is coming up at Hornsby KuRing Gai Community College here.