Wireless coverage, Internet speed

The New Year is well under way now and my ‘training season’ is just beginning. This week I begin Computer Essentials part 1. Ideal for someone looking to understand how to use all the basic applications in Windows 7. Hurry if you are interested as it starts 19th Feb. There is also Laptop Maintenance starting in March and an Intro to Windows 8. How about learning how to do you own home networking? Maybe you have an iPhone and wish to learn more about how you can really use the new features. (Just click on the underlined items to read the full description of the course)

If your home or office wireless network is not reaching the far parts, some good news is that we have a new range of ‘Powerline Extenders’. These little plug packs simply go into power sockets and transfer the Internet signal from your router to the place you need more wireless signal. They have solved wireless problems for a number of my customers now.

I now (finally) have an Apple iPad, so learning the tricks of keeping my computer, iPhone and iPad all in sync with information. I am always impressed by the ease of use of these devices.

As our use of the Internet continuously increases, are you getting the best speed for your area? We use http://speedtest.syd.optusnet.com.au/ (press Auto Select) to check the speed received. If you have ADSL go to http://www.tpg.com.au/maps/ and then put in your address. This will show what speeds your neighbours are getting and therefore what you should be able to get.

A number of people ask me for my favourite iPhone apps, this month I will mention “Weather AU”, a very clever and readable version of the Bureau of Meteorology information. If you are interested in weather forecasts, do take a look at this application.