Mt Colah, Turramurra, cleaning, data recovery

Welcome to the occasional newsletter of Aspiring Computer Services.  

Location:  Our main workshop is in Mt Colah.  We have secure drop-off/pickup boxes there. This is where we hold all our spare parts and do the majority of our workshop work.  You can drop-off / pickup anytime, but please always Text us before you come so we can prepare.  You can also pickup/drop-off at our Turramurra address, but also always Text before you visit for arrangements.

COVID precautions:  At the moment, we prefer contactless drop-off / pickup (wherever possible)  Please clean your equipment, include only what suspect to be at fault, i.e. if you think the mouse is not working, include it, if you think the mouse is fine, please don’t leave it!.  No cables (unless you suspect them to be the issue) and if it is a laptop, do include the Power pack.  Finally, ensure you put a sticker on the device with the Start-up password, your name and number/e-mail, and a brief description of the issue.  More here:

Spring Clean:  Spring is an excellent to have your computer cleaned up.  We clean, check for viruses, check hardware for signs of failure and generally get it running properly.  Life is too short for a slow computer!   An annual service will keep it running in top shape.

Data Recovery:   If a computer will not start, we can usually still get the data off for you.  The time and cost involves varies considerably, so talk to us first on expectations.  If you want data, you can provide a disk for us to put this on saving you money.

Windows 7  We are still upgrading Windows 7  to Windows 10 for customers every week.    Windows 7 hasn’t been updated since January, for your security you must not be using Windows 7 any longer.  Get your machine upgraded ASAP.

Too much email clutter?   We offer a service to our customers to log in remotely and work together to reduce email clutter.  This is a great way to get on top of your email nightmare.

Cleaning your computer:  It is critical to not let liquid enter a computer, ever.  You can clean a machine however but putting a cleaning fluid on a cloth and wiping everywhere with the cloth.    We use a screen cleaner all over, and an citrus based cleaner for stubborn areas.  We use one micro fibre cloth for the screens, only, and a separate cloth for everywhere else.  For Covid suspicious computers, we use isopropyl alcohol after it has been externally cleaned.

Free Stuff!  We safely recycle as much as possible.  For existing customers this is a free service.  We discuss what you want to do with your data, and then reuse or dispose of the equipment thoughtfully and as environmentally carefully as possible.