Maximise Performance

Life's too short for a slow computer

Get the most out of your computer by making it work for you. If you’re struggling with a sluggish device, talk to us about:

Freeing up data space

Your hard disk needs at least 20% of free space to work at its best. If a disk is too full, you may need a larger hard drive or to cull some files.

Upgrading your hardware

Get your computer performing at its peak by moving to a Solid State Drive,  upgrading RAM or installing a new graphics card. There’s a solution to suit your set up, needs and budget.

An annual software ‘health check’

Much like a car, your computer needs the right care to perform at its best. We’ll do a thorough clean, check, cull and update of your hardware and software and have your device running at top-speed before you know it.

Our startup service

Got a new computer or laptop? Enjoy a safe, secure and seamless transition by getting it set up right from Day 1. We can hook up your new toy to printers, scanners or backup devices, transfer your data over and ensure you’ve got all the right antivirus software in place. And we’ll even take away your old computer at no cost.