Maximising Your Computer’s Performance

An area that we specialise in is maximising your computer’s performance; life is too short for a slow computer! Usually the speed is governed by three factors.

  1. Disk Full
  2. Hardware can be upgraded
  3. Software (Windows) needs to be serviced. 

1. Disk Full

A hard disk (or Solid State drive) should always have at least 20% free space. If it is fuller than this then speed is compromised and a hard drive will wear out more quickly. We may recommend a larger hard drive, or to move some files.

2. Hardware can be upgraded

Most common upgrade these days is from a conventional hard drive to a Solid State Drive.  This will lift performance by 5-200%, depending on what you are doing. Sometimes we recommend a (RAM) memory upgrade to optimise speed. Occasionally we recommend a graphics card change. It really just depends on your system as to what is most cost effective and sensible to upgrade.

3. Annual Software Service

Over time, Windows fills up with crud, junk and unwanted stuff.  This is a complete software maintenance of your Windows installation. (If we do it at the workshop, we physically clean out the dust from inside the computer and check the operation of all the fans). The focus is on Security and Performance. Firstly, we check the life / wear indicator on the hard drive. We rationalise your anti virus (removing all but whichever one we recommend), do all Windows updates, remove redundant programs, remove any spyware, check for viruses, clean up redundant printers, run troubleshooters and other clean up tools, clean up the computer registry, remove temporary files and do a full Defragmentation.

In the workshop, all these processes take between an hour and many, many hours. (The record is 4 days. That doesn’t mean we were physically in front of the computer the whole time, we check every 1/2 hour or so and prompt it to do the next thing.)  We usually bill one, two or three hours for these Annual services depending on roughly how long it takes and how much of it we have had to do manually. The result is that you can be confident that your computer is in the best possible shape, security and speed wise afterwards. 

The Start Up Service

This includes all the elements of the annual software service.  Ensuring a quality Anti Virus is in place (not the rubbish that comes with some computers)  All computer and Windows updates are done.   Set up programs, copy across data from an old computer, setup printers and scanner, backups or whatever else is requested.  At the end, we recycle your old equipment for free.  This service is very important for any new computer and ensures that your new investment is safe, secure and functional.  A Start up Service is normally about one hour.