Getting your computer workshop-ready.

Here’s how you can help.

Being without your laptop or computer is frustrating. We get it.

Here’s how to speed up the process and help us get your devices back to you as soon as possible.

Laptops and desktops

Pop a sticker inside the keyboard which tells us your:

  • Name
  • Startup password
  • Email address
  • Mobile
  • Problem being experienced.

Laptops only

Put everything into a padded bag, including:
  • Power supply (brick)
  • Mouse
  • Any accessories causing issues
  • Backup drive (if you want us to check it’s working).

Desktops only

You don’t need to package everything up. Keep it to the:

  • ‘Box’ and any accessories causing issues
  • Backup drive (if you’d like us to check it over) Power brick (for all-in-one computers).

Data recovery

Please include an external hard drive, on to which we can copy data. It’ll be cheaper for you in the end.

The risks you should know about

Like any ‘procedure’, there are risks involved. Despite our best efforts, user-generated data (including customised programming and data and/or documents stored on devices) may be lost during the repair process.

Please ensure your data is backed up.