Computer & IT Services

Aspiring Computer Services can handle anything IT on-site. We come to you.

Aspiring Computer Services specialise in computer installation, problem-solving, fault rectification and maintenance in your home or small business. We repair and restore; set up networks, email, security, whatever you need.

Here’s what we can do

  • Diagnose and repair problems, on site if possible. Hard drive crash? We have a range of tools to repair most hard drives when they crash and threaten to lose your data.
  • PCs or Macs: Advise you what you need or fix what you’ve got.

Desktops and laptops

  • Provide pre-purchase advice and set-up of new computers, including organising order and delivery if required. Then we can take care of installation of all applications, update software to latest versions, copy across data from your existing equipment, train you on new equipment, as much or as little help as you need.
  • Remove viruses/update security settings and virus protection programmes.
  • Connect you to the internet, organise email programmes and set-up. 
  • Hardware upgrades, including second or bigger monitors, Memory (RAM), larger hard disk, more USB connections.
  • Wireless and wired networking.
  • Hook up printers and scanners.
  • Maximise your slow computer – we use a range of tools and techniques to get your computer running as fast as it can.
  • Organise servers and workstations.
  • Install, configure, optimise software (like MS Office, e-mail, MYOB).
  • Annual Servicing to maximise performance and optimise security.
  • Backups – we can supply the hardware and show you how to do reliable backups.
  • Set up and/or optimise portable phones and iPhones.

And just about anything else you can throw at us.  At Aspiring, there’s no such thing as a ‘dumb’ question; you just tell us what the problem is and let us worry about the solution.

Call or email Lester on

0425 227 439 or [email protected]