Aspiring Handyman Services

Lindfield Study

Aspiring Handyman Services provide custom installation of cabinetry and cabling as well as handyman tasks. From something as simple as fitting a new shelf through to completely fitting  out a study or workspace with top quality furniture. All for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated Cabinet Maker.

What We Do

Our preference is to use ‘off-the-shelf’ furniture, but custom install it, modifying it as necessary to create the custom fit. Furniture fitted includes work benches, shelves, filing drawers and cabinets. The other thing that really differentiates what we do is the attention to detail with wiring. We understanding wiring. As Master Cablers, we do our very best to conceal all cabling and recess lighting so you finish up with something much neater and technically more functional than a cabinet maker may do.

We do the measurement, consultancy and as much of the construction as possible at your place, but also have a fully equipped workshop where we can fabricate wood and metal as appropriate to give a professional installation.

How It Works

  • We come to you to discuss options and plan, taking the necessary measurements,  documenting what is required. At this point we are also able to fairly accurately estimate the time and final cost.
  • We arrange to meet you at where the standard materials are coming from, usually IKEA. We help select what is required and make recommendations based on our experience on which bits work together.
  • We handle all the materials and transportation to the site.
  • Unpack and assemble everything.
  • Remove and dispose of the packaging.
  • Create any additional components required, for example; plinths to raise the height of desks, or brackets for shelves. Drill holes in desks for cables. Install any low voltage lighting required.
  • Tidy up all mess and hand over. Our passion is to leave the environment as neat as possible.
  • You will find this a very low stress way of creating a beautiful and functional new space to work in.

We tend to mainly fit-out (but not limited to) home offices/studies, because of our knowledge of computer requirements; however we have fitted out every room in a house. Call now to discuss your requirements.

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