Make a Greener Choice

Re-use, refurb and recycle your IT.

Working tech won’t last forever.
But the environment can!

As technology evolves and equipment becomes obsolete, a lot of tech can live in landfill. That’s why we created our re-use, refurb and recycle policy.


We strip down outdated hardware and salvage the good bits. Those working parts then head to our workshop, where we use them for repairs.


Where possible, we restore equipment, rather than recommend buying new. That includes hard drives, which we strip out, clean and give back to you for backup (or destroy, if you prefer).


Any equipment that can’t be re-used or restored is dropped off for recycling at the relevant collection point. That includes smartphones and tablets, batteries and ink cartridges.

Old hardware
piling up?

Existing customers

Drop us a text on 0425 227 439 and we’ll swing by next time we’re nearby (no charge).


Live within our normal service area?

We can pick your old stuff up and take it to the right recycling collection point (small charge).


Decluttering your office or workspace? Book us in and we’ll pick up all your outdated tech (normal hourly rates).