How Green is Aspiring Computer Services?

The answer is Yes! We focus on the Environment and sustainability with a re-use, refurb, recycle policy.

Technological change is rapid with computers, smartphones and tablets quickly superseded by faster, flashier models. 

Desktop computers, laptops, (with the hard disk removed) printers, modems and routers are stripped down and delivered to E-Waste collection points. Any parts that can be reused are reused.

What We Recycle

  • Smartphones and tablets are delivered to Mobile Muster collection points.
  • Batteries are collected and reclaimed from all superseded equipment which we then deliver to a certified battery recycling point.
  • Ink Cartridges are all recycled at certified collection points.

If you have any computer equipment you want to chuck out, send us a text. If you are in our normal pick up area, we will pick up non-commercial quantities of gear for free and ensure it is optimally recycled.

Our Recycling Services:

  • Existing customers: if we are nearby or passing, then no charge at all.
  • Non-commercial, non-customers: we’ll pick and recycle from you for a small fee, provided you are in our normal coverage area.
  • Commercial organisations and business: we will pick up and smart recycle your technology at our normal hourly rates.

So, how Green is Aspiring Computer Services and is it important? The answer is Yes, and Very!

Do the right thing! Get your old stuff recycled and buy a quality reconditioned second-hand machine if it will meet your needs.

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Aspiring Computer Services
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