Client Testimonials

We have been operating in the North Shore area of Sydney for almost 20 years now.  Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I’ve been looking for a great IT person (for our home) for years, and have finally found him! Lester is fantastic. He’s able to deal with computer problems remotely and also makes site visits as required. He’s a great communicator – speaks in a language I can understand – and is a pleasure to deal with. He responds promptly and seems to be able to fix any problem. Highly recommended.

(Sue O, Mosman, October 2019)

What a find! A computer professional who is fast, knowledgeable and with excellent and cheerful service. Thanks Lester for a job well done.

(Cindy Low, Turramurra, August 2019)

Lester is my IT saviour! He is always willing to help, always helps me when I’m in an IT pickle (!), goes out of his way to help and makes sure everything is fixed and working well. He is extremely knowledgeable and I trust him to give me the best info. He also goes above and beyond with things that you haven’t asked for such as providing spare charges, labelling laptops etc, great extra info, cleaning etc. Thank goodness for Lester. Thank you for everything you do!

(Aimee Brice, Wahroonga, May 2019)

I can highly recommend Lester from Aspiring Computer Services. Its good to have someone so knowledgeable and competent at the end of the phone. Great service !

(Sue Turner, Pymble. April 2019)

Lester offers a fast and professional service, both onsite and offsite. Would  recommend his services.

(Maria Landrelli Hornsby March 2019)

Fixed my laptop hinge with amazing customer service and great quality of work

(Marc Mackie – Turramurra Jan 2019)

Hi Lester, thank you very much for giving up your free time to join us this evening and putting together your presentation, you are entertaining as well as being extremely informative. (Presentation on Computer Security to ICB Institute of Certificated Bookkeepers -Artarmon)

(Laura –  Bookkeeper, April 2018)

We have just had Lester come and repair our network issues and get us back up and running. He is prompt, reliable and provides fantastic well priced service. He explains the problem and the fix which really helps. Our Mac computers are so much happier.
Lester was recommended to us by a friend and we couldn’t be happier. We would recommend Aspiring Computers to anyone who needs Lester’s help
Thanks Lester.

(Carlie Des, Warrawee, Sep 2017)

Lester came to the office, gave our Macs a much needed service and boosted RAM where required. The Macs are much happier and so are we. He’s coming back next year to work on a new project for us. Thanks Lester.

(Kristin Austin, Jan 2017)

Very professional. Makes it all easy to understand.
Gave you what you need and very quick and efficient.

Thank you Lester!

(Louis Jen, Chatswood, Dec 2016)

Aspiring Computer Services is always there 24/7 whenever I have had emergency problems with my computer. They are fantastic and very supportive and professional.

(Jane Hodgett, Mona Vale Nov 2016)

Lester has is a very competent IT professional. His services to our computer requirements have been truly outstanding in many ways.
He is also very approachable and customer-focused.
We would certainly recommend his services to anyone requiring professional IT support.

(Wendi Woo, Lindfield Oct 2016)

Lester Langford and Aspiring Services have delivered outstanding IT services to my family and to my new business.

At home Lester established Wi-Fi capability, sorted our local network and has helped our busy family to keep connected. He has provided sound advice on system configuration, new hardware and IT security.

On the business side, Lester has taken ‘Mackay Strategic’ from a thought bubble through domain registry, analysis of platform, email set-up, hardware and software options, to a fully integrated, completely-functional, successfully-synchronised, actual and virtual office. He is responsive, reliable and a pleasure to have around – no IT problem is too challenging and no question too demeaning for his expertise and attention.

(Prof Richard Mackay, AM. Roseville 14th Sept 2015)

I would like to place on record how much I appreciate your expertise and assistance in making my computer and T.V. world straightforward. 

As background for your readers –  I am a senior citizen who doesn’t have technical support at home.  I don’t have any  University Degrees but I do teach music from home and I do the cash books for our family companies.  This necessitates me using the computer on a daily basis.  I have a P.C. and MacBook Pro, ipad  and iphone and ipod. 

Lester is an expert on both Windows and Apple technology.  In fact he fixed my first  Apple laptop which was only a few months old after  the Apple Store told me was too expensive to fix and it is still going perfectly.  My son now uses it daily.

Lester has done so much for me I should have kept a log.  He is a valuable person everyone should have in their family.

I have tried to keep abreast of technology – it has been expected of me in a family of disinterested members who just expect everything to work but haven’t a clue how it all happens.  This is where Lester has been of immeasurable assistance to me.

 I acknowledge my limitations in this field and Lester has rescued me every time I have called – whether it be a computer set up or problem and tutoring me on what to do.

Lester  just recently helped me choose 2 new TVs and DVD/Blue Ray Players – by accompanying me to the store  asking the right questions to sales staff;  assisting me in making the right choice in a world with which I am unfamiliar.  He has been a great comfort to have on hand. 

His pricing for services rendered is always very fair – I have never experienced any greed in him.  I consider him very honest and trustworthy.

He has also  assisted me in purchasing TV Stands Cabinets and assembled same  –  he did it all including pick up and delivery – even correcting wrong choices made by me by returning the item.

All this service has been always with good humour and never once has he  made me feel like a complete idiot when it comes to technology.  Instead he patiently explains time and time over again what I need to do to correct the situation.

Lester is an outstanding man – a real gem with such a good grip on what he does.  He will always go the extra mile without being asked to do so and that makes him rare in this selfish community in which we live.

My only fear in writing this is would be to make him too popular so he didn’t have time to attend to my pleas for help when I need him.

(Beverly Bennett, Warrewee – 5th Dec 2011)

Lester upgraded my Mac with an Solid State Drive (SSD) at a really great price. My Mac is now faster and more reliable. I have been a Mac user for years and swore never to own a PC. Due to changing business needs, I had to accept that a PC was also required. Lester was great in helping me choose the right laptop for my needs, making sure that everything connected with my existing equipment. Great reliable, prompt service. I have recommended him to my client base.

(Ingrid Mogensen, Hornsby – 1st Aug 2013)

Lester, thanks for your fast response to our phone call for help. You arrived on time, sorted out all the problems and got us back on track without any fuss. Whenever we have a problem with our computer we know who we’ll call. Thanks again for all your help. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services.

(Cathyharro St Ives – 21 June 2011)

When I met Lester from Aspiring Services, I was having a few issues with my own 2 year old laptop and his mention of an annual PC maintenance checkup made total sense. We set up the appointment and what impressed me the most on the day was that he communicated in a language that I understood! (a rare treat when dealing with IT experts). I learnt heaps during the 2 hour session, just simple little tips to make my business life easier. I will recommend Aspiring IT services to both friends and clients with PC problems – in fact I have already!

(Trish TC Cammeray – July 2011)

Lester did a great job rebuilding my laptop. He was patient, friendly and efficient. I will certainly recommend him to my friends for their business or home use.

(JayjayEm Turramurra – July 2011)

Great service – Thanks for your help in getting my SBS box and other desktop machines working well again

(Ian,  Hornsby – 4 May 2011)

Lester rescued my PC from years of neglect. All PC activities got faster. It was cheaper as he moved me to the free Microsoft anti virus software and Lester has always answered any question I  have very promptly and in a way that I can learn from. He upgraded the memory size and showed me how to see the difference it makes. I am 70 years old and although I have been a member of the IT Industry for many years, descriptive words multiply and are not always understandable, but once translated by Lester, the underlying concepts have not changed. Thanks you Lester for your very effective service to me.  (Pam Stark, Hornsby)

“Lester was local, readily contactable and able to source my requirement fast delivering an efficient and hassle free experience. The service was friendly and Lester was happy to offer useful advice and answer a few user queries for me. I found the cost reasonable in contrast to some larger organisations and benefited from the personal service he cheerfully delivered. Would I use Aspiring Computer Services again, most definitely! “   (Roy Crawford, Turramurra)

With a house of 4 pc/laptop/Mac users, including a student, a social networker, and two professionals, we have an office set up that’s probably bigger than most.  Like most people, I am not the most technically-literate when it comes to all things computers…nor do I have the time and energy to “learn” beyond the basics — what I need for my home office to function well is someone who is

a) Available for crises and emergencies (such as son losing all his HSC work!)

b) Able to explain the issues without the gobbledygook (and not to bother me with the stuff I don’t need to know)

c)  Good at finding workable, practical solutions which allow efficient use of resources and time

d) Reliable and prompt

e) Up to date with whatever new-fangled thing I need that I don’t know I need (yet)

Lester is all those things and a nice person to have around – which is a bonus in these days of surly service and monosyllabic tradesmen.  I highly recommend him – his skills probably translate far beyond what I’ll ever need but I suspect that he’d be great at setting up any kind of network and providing a font of good advice in the process.

(Yours sincerely, Sue Steedman, 43 Nelson Street, Gordon, 2072)

My computer guru has finally decided to settle down back in Australia, after jet setting and working in Fiji for the last little while, and has decided to setup his business on a full time basis instead of part time like he was previously doing.

His working hours include week days, week nights and even week ends.

He is absolutely amazing, can work in both the Mac and PC environment (I am now the proud owner of an iMac as well my variety of desktop and PC’s) and all of them are now working smoothly on my home network.

I can print from anywhere in the house i.e. can be sitting in the kitchen on the laptop and can print to my printer upstairs.

I have remote access (so I can log into my home machine, sitting anywhere in the world, hopefully beside a pool with a cocktail in hand, although as I write this, I am sitting in a coffee shop with a latte in hand connected to the home computer.  Sigh, can’t have everything).

I just recently purchased a new desktop and laptop, and he came and cleaned up very quickly the rubbish that windows just has to installed, and well as giving my old laptop and desktop a spring (autumn) cleanup, and they are running so much quicker now.

In case have the need of his services, he is based in Turramurra and his  details are:

Lester Langford, Aspiring Computer Services, Phone: 0425 227 439, Email:

(Letter from Maria Landrelli ( ) to her customers)

“Lester reorganised our cabling so that our home network now runs more effectively. He did a thorough job and certainly knows his work.”

“Lester is very efficient and thorough with any work he does. He is very knowledgeable and it is reassuring to know that I can call him with any computer related problems.”

(Louise Vriens – Glenorie)