Windows 10 Upgrade Guide

Windows 10 Upgrade Guide for Existing Computers

The question I am asked most at the moment is \”Microsoft wants to give me Windows 10 for free – should I do it?\”  Hey, something free from Microsoft sounds good, doesn\’t it, but is it really?

Me, well, I am always a bit skeptical of free stuff.  Why is it free?  What value am I getting?  Is it stable? What functions are added, will I use them?  What of my existing software and hardware will no longer work? Will it be faster? What happens to my machine and data if the upgrade goes wrong?

With the above in mind, I have written this little guide that should increase the chance of a satisfactory outcome.

BEFORE you hit the button from Microsoft to get your \’free\’ upgrade, follow the following:

Do a full annual service on the machine which includes:

  • Do all recommended Windows updates
  • Uninstalling unnecessary programs, cleaning up all temporary and redundant files
  • Clean out any viruses, Trojans, malware etc. Clean the registry
  • Defrag
  • If you have any Anti virus software except Microsoft Security Essentials, then remove it, fully.
  • If the machine has a program to update hardware related software, run it. Examples are Dell Update, Sony Viao Software Update, Toshiba service centre etc it is especially important to update the BIOS to the latest version.
  • Check there is life left in your existing hard drive; consider replacing it with a new one if it has been running for more than 750days. (We use Hard Disk Sentinel for this purpose)

We do not trust the Microsoft vision of what is compatible hardware, they are very optimistic!

Go to the manufacturers website and check to see whether your PC and printer is compatible with Windows 10.  The general rule is if it is less than 3 years old, it probably is, with some limitations.  If more than three years old, it probably isn\’t sufficiently compatible.  Unless you get confirmation from your hardware manufacturer that your hardware is compatible, don’t do it.

Most manufacturers now have specific advice on their website for Windows 10 on your computer; follow it, in addition to the above.

Do a full backup of the computer!  (If in the workshop we normally do a clone too)

Finally run the Microsoft Windows 10 updater.  Once you have done it, test all functions carefully and fully.  You have 30 days in which you can revert back to your old machine.  After that, the backups are cleared automatically.  Thanks Microsoft.

If you get stuck, call in help!

Aspiring Computer Services – 0425227439 [email protected]